One Must Strain, Fight and Love to Earn Life

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You may have noticed that I’ve not written anything in a while because things have been a little busy within our house of revolving whirling plates. I wanted to refrain from even saying that because I know for some, it’s an easy cop-out to fail to deliver on your goals. To let planning and execution slide for a period. To find a different way of saying “I couldn’t be bothered” – but this time I’m letting it go and leaning into being honest with myself (and you).

You’ll be pleased to hear nothing bad has happened – in fact, quite the contrary. I am now a father of three! On the 17th of January my wife birthed us a son. His name is Felix Ivern Rabbetts, weighing 5 pound 11, he’s happy, healthy and we’re more than thrilled with him. I took two weeks off work to be home and it was a really fun time considering the new adaptations to a newborn entering the fray.

Following on from this I have had my head in the books, studying for exams to gain secondary employment. I say secondary employment, but it’s really gaining an extra function of responsibilities within the same organization. In short, I will be flying unmanned aerial drones to support firefighters on the ground with thermal imagery. Sounds pretty cool, hey? Well it is, and the fact we have access to this technology which is proving to have versatile functionality, is amazing.

I chose the above title because after everything that’s gone on this year for me, I have discovered that every step of the way there has been a strain, a fight and love to earn that little microcosm of “life”.

Within our lives we have microcosms and pockets of life that come with their little battles to fight. The waters break, the hospital trip is taken, the waiting game is in place and then the war to birth a human life begins – the baby’s first cry, a symphony to behold.

An opportunity arises, the plan is laid out, the interview goes well, studying commences, exams are taken and the war to earn a career success rages until there is a result – A pass or fail.

Life itself is earned on many small enterprises. Pay attention to where the pull must be applied to the strain. Be wise to fight on the battlegrounds where victory is most assured. Pay attention to where love is needed and so then earn it’s blossom. Life can be a beautiful thing.


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