Pop the Safety Bubble – Find Courage Again And Live

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In the last two years we would have to admit there has been a trend in hyper vigilance towards the hazards, risks and lack of safety whilst going about our normal lives.

At the drop of 2020, like a bat out of hell (China), a pandemic came knocking at the door of every country in the world and since then we’ve been bombarded with reminders of imminent and cruel death. The reminder that today you could breathe your last, and so it could be with your loved ones, your neighbours and favourite postman. When this sort of information is coming from the top (world leaders), it tends to have lasting impact. 

For some people, this is the first time their mortality has been brought into the light of day with frightening clarity. Fear gets deep under the skin, eroding all strength and courage to function – and so they hide away for long stretches of time under the illusion they are protecting themselves and others. This to me, has revealed a very telling thing:.

It’s not our freedom, health or our very lives we hold so dear – it’s our need for control. 

When I had just moved to the UK, I put on a brave optimistic face, but underneath I was full of itchy concern if ANYTHING at all, would work out long term. I met up with a person for counsel and as we drank coffee inside the lobby of a hotel, he helped me (to this day) with this one sentiment:


“Keep a tough mind, but a soft heart too”. 


With this now equipped to my tool belt, I was able to let go of my need for control and opt into the courage to live through whatever unknown I was walking into. I had a tough mind to face it, yet a soft heart to learn from a lesson or two. 

Is it not time to admit our virtue muscles have atrophied? Is it not time to confront our fears of living a dangerously positive life? Good news, you can retrain what has weakened. You can make strong what was shrunk. You can find your courage, once again.

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