Questions of the Heart – The Significance Of Autumn and Change In Our Lives

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The fog rolls over and spills into another September morning.

The rain has been drizzling all night and while I wait for my one quarter full kettle to boil, with a tea bag already laid into position of a favoured mug for it’s boiling bath, I open the front door to assess the outside conditions. A sunrise peeking over the houses and shimmering dew is on the grass. I love these moments to gush in the fresh air first thing in the morning. The kind of air crisp enough to get right behind your eyes and deep cleanse your lungs. This however is a limited time offer during the Autumn season, because once it is properly winter, doing the same will only bring saturation to your indoor welcome mat and you’ll be getting a free cold shower. 

The street’s are quiet but getting more lively by the time I’ve stirred my milk into my tea. A handful of my neighbours can be heard starting their cars engines, ready to take them here and take them there. As I sip more tea, I mentally progress through my list of things that I need for the day and food to pack. Still battling the sleepy fog wafting over me, I mutter to myself  “That’s roughly it” –  time to head out. 

Arriving in my car, windows fogged and a driver’s seat that’s gone crunchy cold, my mind is cataloging the emails that I have and have not responded to, the area I am going to work in and the many challenges that may arise with “working in the road” or “street-works” as it’s referred to. It’s a tricky business and a lot can go wrong quickly if your judgement in even small things are off. At the same time though, it can be a thrill. The type of thrill where all your focus and attention is needed to get the job done safely. As a lone worker, you don’t have others to rely on to watch your back, “sleeping” on the job could be deadly. Traffic is a wildly unpredictable variable that is always a challenge.

As I drive to work, I will pass by all sorts of things on my way. Houses of the self-evident early risers and slumber sleepers alike. Homes with lights glowing brightly from their bedrooms and living areas, others with blinds still fully drawn as a stray cat wanders past. There are people doing their morning run, some with dogs on a leash, While the stalwart elderly, at a time when people now get all their news from the internet, are still out for the meander to the local shop to get their newspaper of choice.

I often think about who all these people are that I rush by everyday and what their life may be like. How are they doing today? How are they handling the change in season and climate? Have they always lived here? Where did they come from? Did they enjoy a good summer? What problems have they got to face up to today, that nobody would know about? Do they feel purpose in their life and do they know the Lord? To the massive majority, I will never likely know.

Autumn, a peculiar inbetween season, that is neither hot nor cold, too wet or too dry, poses questions to us. It asks us, have you had your fun? Did you complete the to-do things on the list? Did you see all that you could see? Are you prepared for things ahead? Will you be ready for new things to come? Can you call yourself an “all seasons” guy?

Autumn asks us questions as though it was a private whisper, yet a gentle reminder. Things change and it’s up to us to know how to respond, or at the least, be willing to learn.

So, are you ready? Good. Now let us go and walk in the leaves and enjoy the colour that is here to behold. Soon the seasons will change again, asking of us new and significant questions.

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